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  • DONATION to Khloe Alexander Leukemia Fund
  • DONATION to Khloe Alexander Leukemia Fund

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DONATION to Khloe Alexander Leukemia Fund

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We're raising money for 4 year old Khloe Alexander, who has been fighting Leukemia since Spring 2016. Khloe's uncle, Victor, runs The Shop Forward warehouse and has been a crucial part of making sure customers get their packages quickly and efficiently -- resulting in more money raised for charity.

No child should have to go through the treatment and struggle that Khloe has faced the past year and will face for the next 2 years, and it is extremely hard on her family as well. Khloe's mom was forced to quit her job to help take care of her, and her dad is working extended hours to try to support all of the overwhelming costs and expenses associated with this terrible disease. They are facing many challenges with such a postive attitude; choosing joy while coping.

This money raised will go straight to Khloe's family, to be used for medical bills, insurance payments, expenses related to Khloe's treatment, and just overall living expenses since their lives have been turned upside down.

We hope to help alleviate a small portion of the financial burden this has placed on Khloe's family, as the Leukemia diagnosis and watching their 4-year old daughter fight through treatment is an overwhelming burden in itself.  Khloe's parents, Maria and Gary, are so thankful for your support. They've also asked that you keep little Khloe and their family in your prayers as the power of prayer is so strong.

We are also selling 'CHOOSE JOY' shirts to further support Khloe and her family, go here to see the different styles.

Thank you for your support!!


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