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4 Things We're Currently Loving!

Posted: Jan 30 2019

Sometimes we share some of our random favorite things on our insta-stories and you all seem to like we're going to start posting here on the blog so you can reference regularly! This will be completely random but hoping to update once a week or so, depending on how many items we're currently loving! :)


 1. THE Amazon Coat. ($129.99 on Amazon Prime) Okay I live in Southern California where I consider 65 degrees freezing, so wasn't sure if this coat was actually warm-- but I wore it in NYC and Nashville last week where it got down to the under 15 degrees....and this jacket kept me totally warm! I've seen the price anywhere from $70 - $130, but I think it is worth every penny. I love that the side has zippers that make it expandable, and all the zippered pockets are both cute + functional for holding your phone, gloves, etc. The giant sherpa lined hood is also SO helpful when it's windy and also is just really cute. It comes in a bunch of colors-- I have the army green but the navy and black are so cute, too!! Runs true to size.



2. Our #4Things 'Joy Seeker' Pouch. ($26 on The Shop Forward) I've been using the zippered pouch for a couple months straight now so feel very confident saying you will love it! I have a couple that I use for different situations. For travel, it's perfect for holding all your cords/chargers/airpods etc that usually get lost/tangled in your larger tote. Also fits a surprising amount of snacks. For everyday use, I keep it in my larger #4ThingsTote w/ sunglasses, lip gloss, mints, AirPods, pen, hand sanitizer, etc. Also great to hold all your feminine products - making that time of month a little bit more tolerable!! Also bonus- like all ESPWA items, this 4 Things pouch gives back supporting organizations we work with in Haiti so you can use it proudly knowing it's making a difference! 



3. Dirty John podcast. HOLY COW have you guys all listened to this? And watched the show on Bravo?? AND watched the Dateline episode?? Well it's all super crazy and so interesting. I would recommend listening to the podcast first -- it's only 6 episodes and I may or may not have listened to all on one Saturday. 



4. 4-Port Charging Station. ($19.99 on Amazon Prime) I have so many things to charge every night (I know, I know #FirstWorldProblems) and this little charging station makes it easy and keeps things organized with slots for each device! I can charge my Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone, and more every night at the same time. Would also be great for charging/organizing your kids tablets. It comes in a few colors but I obviously got rose gold! You do need to buy little charging cords separately but also available on Amazon for here (5 for $9.99).


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