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Bulletproof Matcha Latte - Favorite Way to Start the Day!

Posted: Apr 01 2018

I often post on my insta-story about my go-to breakfast and have had quite a few people ask for the here we go!!

I love this 'Bulletproof Matcha Latte' for a few reasons: it tastes great, it's easy to take on-the-go, it makes me feel good, and it surprisingly keeps me totally full until lunch!

 It has a chai/matcha-ish buttery flavor... and if you're more into coffee, you can make 'Bulletproof Coffee' instead... you basically do everything below except substitute coffee for matcha powder!! Matcha has more of an earthy green tea taste, and has tons of health benefits: antioxidants, boosts metabolism, calms and detoxifies naturally, etc. I just am not a coffee fan and love green tea, so I look forward to this every morning!

There is a lot of fat in this drink-- that sometimes freaks people out, but it's all good fat that kicks your body into fat-BURNING mode, kicks cravings, and keeps you satisfied! Benefits of "Bulletproof" include curbing hunger, promoting mental clarity, increase fat burning, and supporting your hormones. More info on 'Bulletproof' here! Also, you mess up the whole positive 'Bulletproof effect' by eating anything else (especially carbs!) so try to ONLY have this for breakfast if possible! Seems weird at first but I promise, you'll feel so good!

I'm posting picture below of the exact ingredients I use daily, and linking them in the ingredients list below, too! If you have any questions/comments/etc, send us a DM on our Instagram @TheShopForward! I first learned about this from nutritionist Kelly LeVeque (@BeWellByKelly) and I know @RadioAmy loves it too!



Heat up your water (I use an electric kettle like this), and pour 2 cups into a blender. Then throw all the other ingredients above into the blender, and mix on medium for about 10 seconds, then a little higher for 10 seconds. You want it to get a little frothy and creamy! 

Pour it into your #PIMPINJOY mug if you're going to enjoy at home, or I usually use my YETI tumbler and drink it on my way to work!

**REMINDER - don't start with a full Tablespoon of MCT oil. You need to work up to that; your stomach will thank you!

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