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  • 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0
  • 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0
  • 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0
  • 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0
  • 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0
  • 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0
  • 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0


4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0

$ 32.95



Forward Impact: 

'ESPWA' means 'hope' in Haitian Creole, and each ESPWA® item spreads hope in Haiti by supporting our partners. 100% of proceeds from these gratitude journals support Project Medishare's education program. Funds raised from these journals will pay school fees for the kids in Project Medishare's Orphan and Vulnerable Children Program. Together we can spread "espwa" (hope) for a better future, hope for a better Haiti. For more information on Project Medishare making an impact in Haiti, go here!

Journal Description:

Our 4 Things® Gratitude Journal 3.0 is finally here! 

Studies show that expressing what you're thankful for leads to advantages like better sleep, improved self esteem, reduced stress, a happier life, and more. Who wouldn't want that?! Journaling can be a little intimidating for some (including us!), so we created this simple 4 Things® Gratitude Journal to make putting pen to paper less daunting and a little more fun! We have a few surprises, a few things to help you along w your gratitude, and also made it super cute so you'll want to take it everywhere you go!

We hope this will be a fun tool for you expressing gratitude in your life and you'll feel even more awesome about it knowing you practiced giving thanks while spreading hope in Haiti.

We have 2 different special edition hardcovers: a pink combo and a blue combo, both with 4 Things®:


The journal is 5.5" x 8", with an elastic band that can be wrapped around, and ribbon bookmark. There are 128 inside pages plus 4 pages of colorful stickers and some fun end pages as well! There are quotes on every page and the inside pages are to list 4 things you are grateful for. We also include prompts for days you might need a little extra help thinking about gratitude!

About Espwa®: 

 Espwa means 'HOPE' in Haitian Creole, and each purchase supports spreading hope throughout Haiti. Our Espwa® line began when we (Amy & Meri) were looking for a way to help provide for an orphanage that we work closely with in Port-au-Prince. In addition to providing continued support for those sweet kiddos + nannies...we also partner with various causes to fulfill needs throughout Haiti.  Espwa® is all about spreading a country that will forever have our hearts!

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